Economic Investment Appraisal

The subject, Economic Investment Appraisal, is an elective course on the full-time MBA at the AGSM. The overheads to be used in lectures in 2006 will be available at the links below, in the PDF format.

Possible term-project topics.

Student projects 2006

Student projects 2004

A JPG image of the handout for discsussion on 12 October 2006.
Solutions to the handout for discusssion: here.

The handout for discussion on October 19, 2006.
Solutions to the handout for discusssion: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.

Sample midterm questions.
Solutions to sample midterm questions.

JPG of OH of Pearce's discussion of the Tasmanian dam issue: Here.

Further exercises and solutions from Frances Perkins' book:
Chapter 2, Exercises 1 and 2 | Solutions.
Chapter 6, Exercise 1 | Solution.
Chapter 7, Exercises 1, 2, and 3
Chapter 7, Exercises 4 and 5 | Solutions 7-4 and 7-5.

The Classroom Debate: Nuclear to Stop Climate Change?

  1. The Stern Review on Climate Change here
  2. The IEA World Energy Outlook 2006 Maps Out a Cleaner, Cleverer and More Competitive Energy Future -- press release here.
  3. "The nuclear debate: Two energy options for Australia" by John Mathews here
  4. Australian Business Roundtable on Climate Change here.
  5. Greenpeace Australia on nuclear energy here
  6. Australian nuclear power, on Wikinews here.
  7. The politics of the new nuclear debate, by Dennis Shanahan of The Australian here
  8. The EnergyScience Coalition fact sheets on nuclear power and greenhouse here.
  9. James Lovelock: Nuclear power is the only green solution, in The Independent, London, 24 May 2004, here.
  10. The Energy Supply Association of Australia's submission to the Government's Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Power Review here.
  11. A recent report from the RAND Corp. on the extent of renewable energy in the U.S. here.
  12. STOP PRESS! The Australian Switkowski nuclear report is out! here.
  13. The Australian and New Zealand Investor Group on Climate Change -- details here.
  14. The SF Exploratorium has a site on Global Climate Change here . (Worth seeing.)
  15. A skeptic's review of the Stern Review, by Bjorn Lomborg, here.
  16. Reaction to the Switkowski Report:
    • The Sydney Morning Herald here.
    • The Australian here.
    • The Australian Financial Review here.
  17. Michael's role here.
    For more items, search Google using some or all of these terms: Australia nuclear power climate.

The ALIA argues against extending Australian copyright from 50 years to 70 -- here.
The Brookings Institution economic analysis of copyright extension -- here.

Extracts from the Goldman Sachs reports: The World Cup and Economics 2006, and The World Cup and Economics 2002.

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