Economic Investment Appraisal -- Project Topics 2006, Term 4

Submit a two-page proposal -- who? what? importance? how? data? -- by Thursday November 2nd. Proposal not assessed.

Note: the term project is an exercise -- an opportunity for you to demonstrate an ability to apply some (but not all) of the tools from class; the final numbers are not as important as how you derive them. (The real world is not as cut-and-dried as classroom exercises.)

Try to get firm figures for at least one side of the costs and benefits; then use this as a benchmark to argue whether the project is NPV-positive or -negative from a CBA perspective.

Ashley &
Widening the Panama Canal
GeethaSydney's New Year's Eve fireworks
ShihanthaThe costs of hand-luggage restrictions SYD-LAX
& Carlos
A framework for assessing a new casino proposal in Las Vegas
SeanThe costs of a BSE outbreak in Australia
& Shobhit
Legalizing prostitution in the U.S.

For Notes on Writing and the maximum length of the project, Look here!
For guidelines on the evaluation of the project, Look here.

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