Economic Investment Appraisal -- Project Topics 2004, Term 2

Submit a two-page proposal -- who? what? importance? how? data? -- by Friday May 14. Proposal not assessed.

Note: the term project is an exercise -- an opportunity for you to demonstrate an ability to apply some (but not all) of the tools from class; the final numbers are not as important as how you derive them. (The real world is not as cut-and-dried as classroom exercises.)

Try to get firm figures for at least one side of the costs and benefits; then use this as a benchmark to argue whether the project is NPV-positive or -negative from a CBA perspective.

Niki Alcorn
Stu Yardley
& Saul Ryan
CBA of Westfield Bondi Junction Development
Angus Boyd CBA of the speed limit reduction on the F3 Freeway
Wendy Kerr CBA of the Stuart oil shale project (Stage 2)
James Espie
& Kay Zhou
CBA of the Alice Springs-Darwin Railway
Martin CollingsCBA of mobile billboards in the Sydney CBD
Richard BoltonCBA of no super until 60 (at present it's 55)
Tom Merkli
Amrita Vaswani
& Amit Vibhakar
CBA of the Hyderabad Grand Prix
Sandeep RaoCBA of the Sydney Cross-City tunnel
Jeff Lam
Nick Maddams
& Satyjit Das
CBA of halting HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Raj GuptaCBA of the Mumbai-Pune Freeway
David SchofieldCBA of Tylenol Redesign in the 1980s
Matt Minnix
& Tom Lord
CBA of introduction of poker machines into Victoria
Brooke ChiversA Levy on Supermarket Plastic Bags
Winnie Kwok BHP Billiton's Ravensthorpe nickel project
Marni Oaten
Jeff Clarke
Subra Ramakrishnan
Sally Stevenson
& Michael Bertin
CBA of 2003 Tourism White Paper
Paul You
& Josephine Chuk
CBA of the Internet Gambling Act 2001
Venkata Cherukuri
Abbas Bhagat
Almas Khan
& Neeraj Gowan
CBA of the Karnataka new power projects
Joe D'Aspromonte
& Ben Heatherington
CBA of Water Management v. a new dam for Sydney
Anthony Benscher
Michael Rudland
Nick Walford
& Steven Hargreaves
CBA of smoking ban in NSW pubs and clubs etc.
Simon Tang CBA of Luna Park, Sydney
Bryant ChristantoCBA of a new Mandarin-language radio station in Sydney
Brendan Warn
& Michael Zeng
CBA of the Musselroe Wind Farm, Tasmania
& Nilesh Patel
The superannuation co-contribution benefit
Avik Rakhi CBA of the Kerala Expressway
Michael McLoughlinCBA of Australian tobacco consumption

Last Updated 6 May 2004
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