10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
For Bob & Hazel

[Received before Hazel died.]

Once upon a time, time long, long ago, or just a few moments, when it was the darkest night, an old woman laboured thru dense forest. The night was so deep that the small lantern she held in her hand was like a single firefly. As she took one step after another her feet pained like fire, & the branches scraped her fragile transparent skin. And still she moved, slowly step by step toward a light, a cottage way in the distance. Weakly she pulled herself forward, holding on to a branch, and then another.

And as she made her way painfully closer toward the light, the small fire in her candle, in her small lantern grew weaker & weaker. And as she reached the doorway of the little cabin, her light went out and she fell across the door.

Inside a strong, robust man rose quickly from his rocking chair in front of a warm blazing fire, & rushed to her side. He gathered her in his arms & before the fire rocked her, saying "There, there, there, there, there, there." And as the night went on and he rocked her, her limbs grew strong, her hair long & before the night came to close she was a golden young woman, & still he rocked her before the warming fire, "There, there, there, there, there, there" & just as dawn was breaking she turned into a cherubic young female child, with rosy cheeks & an aurelia of soft hair. He plucked 3 hairs from her head & they fell on to the hot tiles, zing, zing, zing, & she jumped from his lap, turned & gave him the most dazzling smile & flew up into the sky to become the morning star.

with love,


To dear Bob, Josh, Zoë,

As a small part of the community, & very loving friends whose lives are so much richer, & hearts deeper because of you & Hazel, your love has touched me & made my life deeper and more feeling.

I remember sitting with the gang on John & Sue’s deck on a summer day, & Hazel telling yet another funny tale, this time about her adventures with her new wizbang vacuum cleaner. I can feel her love of life, quick wit, mingle with the warm sun, friendship, joy & feel happiness inside. She bought so much lightness & delight — smiling that’s what I feel on my lips & the laughing faces of Sharon, Ruth & others, Ann, Sue. Hazel’s vacuum cleaner somehow gave meaning to daily, everyday life, she brought us all closer.

When I see the sun shine, smiling at us I will think of Hazel. I know you & all her family are surrounded by love.

Love from

Ellin, & Arie

[Written for the tenth anniversary of Hazel's death: a lunch at Sue and Jeff's]

Dear Bob,

We send you love & warm hearts, & wish we could be with you & so many loving friends, to share & remember. I still chuckle at Hazel's marvellous storytelling sense of humour. Years seem to melt like snow in the sun and memories blossom like flowers -- & Hazel's incredible shining warmth & vitality -- is not diminished.

With much love,

Ellin & Arie

Ellin and Arie were friends of Hazel’s and mine. Ellin died in New York in 2017.

Last Updated 6 December 2017