10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
Dear Rob, Josh, Zoë and Pat,

How very, very sad we were to hear of Hazel’s death. As you know she was one of the finest, most wonderful people I ever knew. I’ve often said that when Hazel came into the room, it was like sunshine just streamed in — it was a true privilege to have know her and I can honestly say I truly loved her — I don’t think I can say that about too many people.

I remember her wonderful funny disposition; everything was always so much fun when Hazel was around. Her stories were just so funny and we spent wonderful hours making these cards* together. I felt a very special bond to her and she always made me feel like a very special person. I think that was her greatest gift — that she made whoever she was with feel really special.

I loved her and I love all of you — I’m always here for you all,

love Ruth

Ruth was a friend of Hazel’s and mine.
* The card, labelled "Has Beans," includes dried painted beans stuck to the front of the hand-made card.

Last Updated 19 September 1999