Business Ethics 2006

The Integrative Program, Business Ethics, is an IP in the full-time MBA at the AGSM. It is taught by Associate Professor Damian Grace and Professor Robert Marks, with assitance from Noa Erez-Rein and Emeritus Professor Dennis Turner.

Lectures and Cases

Monday: Personal Ethical Dilemmas.

Tuesday: Managerial Approach to Business Ethics
Wednesday: Organisational Ethics

Thursday: Cross-Cultural Ethics.
Friday: Presentations
  1. Supply Chain Management -- GM and Nike (Ching Ling, Geetha, Nicole, Jill)
  2. Paying Whistleblowers? (Andi, Gladys, Shelby, Vincent, Lucia)
  3. British Money in Asian Pulp and Paper (Melissa, Elie, Tom, Matt)
  4. Oil Concessions in Angola (Andrea, Justine, Sean, Olivier, Germán)
  5. A CEO -- a Chief Ethics Officer? (Srishti, Bill, Kaori, Fiona)
  6. Fair Trade (Paul, Nancy, Suzanne)
  7. Philip Morris (Emily, Pablo, Scott)

More Cases:

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