After completing law school and passing the bar, Alan decides to open up a private practice with one of his law school buddies as partner.

On their first day, they set up shop, and around lunchtime, Alan's buddy goes out to get them some sandwiches.

Two minutes later, a woman walks in -- their first client!

She asks Alan to draw up some papers and review a couple of very simple contracts.

"That'll be $100," says Alan.

"Fine," says the woman, and having just gone to the bank, hands over a brand new, crisp $100 bill.

She decides to leave for the next hour, leaving Alan to resume his work.

Alan, relishing his first payment as a lawyer, sits back in his brand new, leather chair and holds the brand new, crisp $100 bill up to the light with admiration and pride.

He sniffs the bill and starts to rub it a bit when suddenly, he discovers that he has mistakenly been given TWO $100 bills!!!

And thus Alan is confronted with his first ethical dilemma as a lawyer: Should he tell his partner?