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1997 Christmas Message

The following was our 1997 message to friends on the Internet.

From bobm Mon Dec 22 00:16:14 1997
Subject: End-of-year message
To: bobm@agsm.edu.au (me)
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 00:16:14 +1000 (EET)

Dear All,

For photos of the family, see http://www.agsm.edu.au/~bobm/Personal.html

This is not the best Christmas we have ever had: Hazel's cancer has returned, and so our trip to Melbourne has been postponed as Hazel has, first, radiotherapy for her neck, and then further chemotherapy, which will end in about 17 weeks from now, all going well. We hope for a period of relative good health, such as the 18 months she enjoyed after the last rounds of chemo and radio.

In the face of this, all else pales into unimportance, but son has just finished Year 2 and Zoë Year 1 at Balmain Primary School. Both have been learning piano from a local teacher, whose end-of-year concert we hosted here. Both have also been taking classes in the Australian Youth Theatre. Son played in the Balmain Gold under-9 soccer team and in the Balmain under-9 cricket team.

Hazel's painting has evolved. Moreover, she has overseen a general sprucing up of the Balmain house for the visit of her mother, Ada, and sister, Pat, over the Christmas period. She was champion in the fund-raising for the School's new piano, hawking piano keys up and down Darling Street ($50 a pop). Together, we finally finished oiling the new deck at the mountain house in the upper Blue Mountains, which came within a mile of the recent bush-fires there (or vice versa). We hope to escape the Sydney heat up there after Christmas.

I made two trips overseas: one to the UK and the US (Santa Fe and Palo Alto) in early February, and one to Stanford in late June. At the beginning of July I took over (finally) as the General Editor of the Australian Journal of Management. Since June I have taught three FT MBA subjects, a two-day course for middle-level executives, six lectures and a day program on Economics for Competition Lawyers, and co-taught a second two-day program for executives.

But the main accomplishment was to co-write a paper (Breeding Hybrid Strategies) that was honoured with lead-article status in the March issue of _Management Science_.

Next year, I have been asked to attend a mini-workshop in Jena in March and to co-organise a workshop at an international conference in Cambridge in June. The main OS trip, however, is a planned trip to Tuscany in May with Hazel and the kids, to celebrate a significant birthday of Hazel's among the pines and olive groves. If any one has any leads on house swapping in Tuscany, please look at the photos on the Web page mentioned above, and email me.

Finally, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 1998.

Robert, Hazel, son, & Zoë.

P.S. The NSW Wilderness Calendar has ceased production, so the pictures on the Web page will have to suffice.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me, Robert.

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