Thinking Strategically

The programme, Thinking Strategically, is a six-module subject first delivered in October, 1997.


Although they may not always aware of it, managers are continually making decisions in situations where the outcomes depend partly on what their rivals do. We call these situations strategic interactions, and the decisions strategic decisions, since they are, or should be, based on how someone else will act, and react. Decision making in strategic interactions is exactly what game theory was invented to analyse.

Thinking Strategically introduces managers to ways to unlock the power of this way of looking at strategic decision making, by providing simple frameworks and tools for looking forward and reasoning backwards before making such decisions. This provides valuable insights into what's really going on in every negotiation and strategic decision.

The program is made up of six themes:

The overheads used in lectures are available at the links below, in the PDF format, for which you need the Acrobat Reader or an appropriately configured web browser.

Last Updated 19 April 2004
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