Plenary Talks

Invited Talks

Regular Sessions

Session 1-A : Virus Spread
Session 1-B : Innovation
Session 1-C: Conflicts

Session 2-A : Minorities
Session 2-B: General Social Modelling I
Session 2-C : Market Institutions
Session 3-A : Advertising, Consumers, Business
Session 3-B : Validation and Methodology
Session 3-C : Market Rationality
Session 4-A : Agriculture and Natural Resource Session 4-B : General Social Modelling II Session 4-C : Organization

Plenary Talks

Invited Talks Regular Session

Session 5-A : Opinion Dynamics and Social Learning

Session 5-B : Cooperation and Emotions Session 5-C : Use of Data Session 6-A : Learning Session 6-B : Space Session 6-C : Social Dynamics Poster Session