Strategic Game Theory for Managers

The subject, Strategic Game Theory for Managers, is an elective subject on the full-time MBA at the AGSM.

World Cup final 2006, penalty shoot-outs.

The lunchtime presentation is Here. Here (printable).

2008 Course Outline and Assessment
2008 Readings Package

Pre-course reading -- "Thinking Strategically"


The Term Project:

For an AFR article that started as an SGTM term project, see here.

For an exercise on different payoffs and hidden information: Solomon's judgement.
For guidelines on evaluation of the project, Look here.
For Notes on Writing and the maximum length of the project, Look here.

For the names and topics chosen for the Term Project in Term 1, 2008, Look here.


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A growing glossary:

  • Exercises A -- Strategic Decision Making OHs || Printable
  • Exercises B -- Credible Commitments OHs || Printable
  • Exercises C -- Repetition and Reputation OHs || Printable
  • Exercises D -- Bargaining OHs || Printable
  • Exercises E -- Tenders, Auctions, and Bidding OHs || Printable
  • Exercises F -- Choosing the Right Game OHs || Printable
  • The Pennzoil Case.
  • Toys Galore
  • Howe Properties

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