Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2009, Term 3

December 2:
Arun Vellathery Muraleedharan
Maya Yamaka
Before Copenhagen: Gaming over CO2 abatement
Rose Ha
Alfonso Jauregui
Marc Westphalen
Chinalco versus Rio Tinto
Greg HudsonThe WMD that weren't: Saddam v. the rest before the war
Matthias Bühler
Max Gartner
Phil Tresidder
The Dark Knight, the movie
Chris Conway
Stefano Montresor
Katja Weiss
FIA versus the Formula One Teams Association
Penny Sheppard
Nadine Slama
Anthony Burrows
The Taliban games the Coalition
Stephan Schürer
Adrian Oggenfuss
Conquering the sailing crown -- duelling billionaires
Yuping XinMicrosoft and Novell: Server OS rivalry
Mike MunteaunuMajor League Baseball and National Hockey League players' disputes
Kelechi DennarBuilding the NBN: Telstra v. the Government movie
Carla Betalleluz
Jenn Villemarie
Shadhra Agarwalla
Return to Paradise, the movie
December 4:
Alexandra Chetochine
Edim Tubert
Ricardo Umbelino
The Sum of All Fears, the
Ashutosh Saxena
Elad Sherf
Irwin Gan
Playing the nuclear chess game: Iran v. the U.S. using the IAEA
Jennifer KillianThe 2008 Democratic nomination
Lucie KennedyGladiator, the movie
Day YoungLife and death in Go
Kirti Dhingra
Ram Krishnamoorthy
The Princess Bride, the movie
Morten JensenYahoo! and Microsoft
Khalid Omar
Jien Mei Loh
Steffen Wilhelm
Pakistan and the U.S.A. over 30 years
Patricio NoguerolHitman, the movie
Kathleen Parmer Paint Your Wagon, the movie

Maximum presentation time: 1-person teams, 4 minutes; 2-person teams, 6 minutes; 3-person teams, 8 minutes.
Ask beforehand if you want informal feedback on how you presented.

Some notes on one presentation:

It was comprehensive, but perhaps too so -- with only a limited time, you need to decide who your audience is and what you want them to remember. What you CAN'T attempt to do is summarise ALL of your report.

My comment: "too many words" -- use keywords on your slides and speak to them, but as above you need to simplify.

The presentation is really to give your classmates the outline of WHAT you have studied, WHY you have chosen it as a strategic interaction, and HOW you have gone about studying it, although not exhaustively. (I of course get to read the report, so I learn more than you can show in 4 minutes.)

Your demeanor was good: eye contact, audible, legible overheads.

For guidelines on evaluation of the project, Look here.
For Notes on Writing and the maximum length of the project, Look here.

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