Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2008, Term 1

Richard Hasson
Ignacio Prieto Galiana
David v. Goliath: MBA job seeking
Dave Lubnik
Hillary Bargagliotti
Korey Cicinelli
The Sum of All Fears, the movie
Roberto CruzHD DVD v. Blu-ray
Andreas KouremenosOlympics: Toronto's loss is Vancouver's win
Jeff AndrewsVying for Apple's handset: the U.S. iPhone carrier
Ori Bash
Samina Karim
Keith Rose
12 Angry Men, the movie
Aman AggarwalCSX takes over Conrail
Brian NashThe failed bid for Qantas
Ibrahim Kanu Hizbollah v. Isreal: pay-offs from the 2006 war

Maximum presentation time:1-person teams, 4 minutes; 2-person teams, 6 minutes; 3-person teams, 8 minutes.
Ask beforehand if you want informal feedback on how you presented.

For guidelines on evaluation of the project, Look here.
For Notes on Writing and the maximum length of the project, Look here.

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