Australian Graduate School of Management

The University of Sydney and

The University of New South Wales


MNGT5200 Economics

MBA Program


Final Examination


Term 1 2004


Your Student Number:.....................



This examination covers material in the course taught after the mid-Term examination.



1.              Time allowed: Two hours plus 10 minutes reading time. You may write nothing during the reading time.

2.              There are two (2) Parts to the Examination:

Part A: contains 30 multiple choice questions. You should attempt all 30 questions. This Part is worth 40% of the Examination.

Part B: contains 4 questions of equal value. Answer any THREE (3) questions. This Part is worth 60% of the Examination.

3.              The examination is worth 35% of the total mark for Economics.

4.              You may bring to the examination a single A4 page on the sides of which you may write whatever notes you wish. You may bring in calculators. Laptops are not permitted in the examination room.

5.              Please write your answers neatly on the exam paper in the space provided. Illegible answers will be ignored. It is helpful to plan your answers especially to Part B, since a penalty may be incurred for irrelevant material. Please remember to support your Part B answers with graphical, algebraic or numerical material as appropriate. You will receive partial credit for partially correct answers in Part B.

6.              You must hand in both the Question paper and your answer booklet(s) at the end of the Examination. You may NOT retain the Examination Question paper.