Core Economics

The course, Core Economics, is a core course in Term 1 of the full-time MBA at the AGSM, for students with little or no prior economics..

The overheads for Term 1, 2004, are available below.

2004 Course Outline and Assessment (pdf)
2004 Course Outline and Assessment (html)
2004 Readings Package

Weeks and Lectures:
Week 1: Introduction, Micro & Macro, Models.

Week 2: The Competitive Market Model.
Week 3: Applications of the Competitive Model.
Week 4: The Firm.
Week 5: Market Power: Monopolies, and the Midterm Exam.
Week 6: Market Power: Monopolistic Competition; Macroeconomics: Meanings and Measurements.
Week 7: Meanings and Measurements; Determining Economic Growth.
Week 8: Determining Economic Growth; How Money Matters.
Week 9: How Money Matters; Strategic Behaviour.
Week 10: Two-Hour Final Exam.

Here is a Statement on Assessment Standards for assignments, reports, and exams.

Here is the Individual Assignment, due 4pm on Friday 13 February.

Here is the Team Assignment, due 4pm on Friday 26 March.

Some worked exercises for the material in Lectures 1 through 10 and 17:

Here is the mid-term exam. Here are solutions to the midterm.
Here is the Cover Sheet for the Final Exam.

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