BE: Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Week 6: Agenda


  2. Bob on Adam Smith's Virtue Ethics Here.

  3. WALK & TALK:

    • Q: What are the most important things that have come out of the half-unit for you? To help: list 4 to 6 things, and take it with you.

    • Choose someone in the class to pair with.

    • Each pair should now spend 30 minutes walking outside the AGSM (not in the Courtyard): one talks through his/her list for 15 minutes, and then the other talks through his/her list. Agreements? Disagreements? Insights?

    • Return here for the debrief after the coffee break, at _____


    1. What has come out of the half-unit for you? (around the room)

    2. How do you feel/perceive differently now?

    3. What are the key points/frameworks/models to emerge for the class?

  5. Student Course Evaluations

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