Business Ethics -- Dilemmas?

Ask: Are these cases of one right versus another right? Or something else?
  1. I was a club volleyball coach for girls 14-18 years old. Another coach was fired for inappropriate behavior with the girls. (No, he didn't molest them or anything. Just inappropriate conversations after hours.) Since the parents at the club adored me so much, they all came to me for the inside scoop.
    So I think it is kind of the individual vs group, although there really wasn't a warning that they needed to hear. Also, it is truth vs loyalty, although I don't know if it was loyalty to the club or loyalty to the coach who was fired. Any thoughts? (I ended up telling the parents that I didn't know any details, which might have been untruthful.)

  2. I saw bad behaviour by someone in management towards colleagues of mine. What should I have done? Stay quiet and keep my head down? Or protest?

  3. I observed a partner in a law firm I was working in discriminating against colleagues who were members of minorities etc. I didn't know whether to report this.

  4. My mentor in a firm -- not a direct superior of mine -- was cheating, although not for direct financial gain. What should I have done?