Hazel to Wendy and Mike, 1991

6 Vincent St,
NSW 2041

17 September 91

Dear Wendy, Mike, Regan, Vanessa & James,

I’ve been meaning to send these photos for some time but family commitments conspired against it. Family commitments are now sound asleep which is a brief and wonderful thing, as you know. I particularly like Mike in the kitchen — it’s even a good photo! As Rob labours on at the AGSM, Zoë flexes her muscles for an assault on the stairs, & Joshua sniffs the air for a fresh source of mischief, I’m reading Patrick White’s biography and growing vegetables which is not a bad combination given P.W.’s love of a peaceful home and garden. I’m especially proud of my lettuces (all 3 of them).

We hope you are all well,

All our love,

Hazel, Rob, Joshua & Zoë

[PS Thanks for the postcard — not sure when next to Melbourne, love R.]

Last Updated 4 June 2000