Hazel to Sybille Kovacs in February, 1996

A card to Sybille; picture of Van Gogh's L'église d'Auvers-sur-Oise.

Dear Sybille,

I'm finally sending you the photos. I had a phone call from Renie over the weekend -- she was the one with the wig and the 2 young children -- I phoned back and left a message and am waiting to hear her news. At great expense to the country I have had another barrage of tests, all of which were OK apart from the bone scan, which shows more of the same in various parts of the bones of my torso. In the meantime I am taking homeopathic drops and feeling pretty good. I've postponed further chemotherapy for a couple of weeks.

England was wonderful and if I can stave off financial ruin I would like to do it every year. I'm sure my mother would enjoy an annual knees up round about her birthday as she certainly enjoyed this one and surprised everyone by her unexpected embrace of protocol by making a speech, slightly slurred and obscure, and sending letters of thanks to the family (she forgot to sign mine).

You looked terrific at Christmas time -- your hair really suits you -- take it from one with whispy, dry, greying locks -- unfortunately you could say they suit me too.

Lots of love,

Hazel X

Love to Alan & Owen.

Sybille and Hazel had been to the Gawler Foundation retreat outside Melbourne in spring 1995. The photos mentioned probably were taken there, and they probably met Renie there too.

Last Updated 27 February 2001