Hazel to Rob, perhaps on March 9, 1996

A card to Rob.

To Rob,

Sorry, it couldn't be postponed. Looking for an appropriate quotation for the day I realise we need the Oxford Book of Quotations -- it's on order for you.

All my love

xx Hazel xx

The card, which was one Hazel had displayed through the louvres in our bedroom, has an illustration by Hal Gye, entitled "I leaves him with the dyin' day,/Dreamin' an doubtin' still ...", was published in Digger Smith by C.J. Dennis (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1918). (She had saved many cards and displayed them, not because of the messages written inside or the identities of the correspondents, but because of the images.)

I'm not sure what the day was: could it have been my fiftieth birthday? That event was celebrated without a party. Instead, Hazel arranged entertainments spread over four evenings: dinner one night, a movie, a show, a concert. I recommend a four-day birthday!

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