Hazel to Raye Williams on February 5, 1996

A card sent to Hazel's old Canberra friend, Raye Williams, in Mackay.

5 February 1996

Dear Raye,

We've just about managed to put our Christmas decorations away, including your angel, and I realise everybody else has started the year in earnest.

Your Christmas presents were a great choice. Joshua had been badgering me for a version of that little metal thing you sent him, only instead of an Xmas tree it had bullseye and little sparks -- so he felt he had a special Christmas version of it. Zoë has taken to the worry dolls in a big way. She has always complained of being scared when we go to the Blue Mountains -- it's lonely etc -- and now she puts the worry dolls under her pillow and they worry for her. So they stay up in the Mountains for her.

We had a great Christmas in Melbourne and at the beach house -- I really enjoy Rob's family including Joan, his mum, who is coping quite well with Alzheimer's. Then I had a terrific time in England -- my sister Pat and Judy send their love.

My family are a very unserious lot -- they all seemed to be giggling at some obscure joke which I spent my time trying to understand and then gave in and giggled along with the rest. Australia seemed very straightforward and serious on my return. I'm happily maintaining my mirth.

I've had several tests on my return. Now my oncologist has disappeared for a week so I won't know the full results till his return, though I do know from the bone scans that it has continued to spread through the bones of my torso. I'm still trying alternative therapies -- I even tried "healing hands" in the UK & was surprised to find how much in demand the exponents were. I expect I will be starting some chemotherapy soon, with some radiotherapy "spot welding." I will let you know.

I hope you have had a good break. My mother by the way is defying nature and continues to improve each year. She was in fine form.

All our love,

Hazel, Rob, Joshua & Zoë

Hazel visited Matthew Manning, the "healing hands," with Pat while in the UK. The card has Van Gogh's "Mid-day (after Millet)" 1889-90.

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