Hazel to Nancy & Harold Wilkinson, 20 May, 1998

A letter (on hand-made paper) sent to Nancy and Harold Wilkinson.

[20 May 1998]

Dear Nancy & Harold,

I think I should be writing on the other side of this paper but I love a challenge. Many many thanks for Mary's book. No, I haven't seen it before and it's very very good. The one of the sand dunes is breathtaking.

Haven't seen Anita for a long time. Georgia came over one afternoon and I heard the news that Anita's pregnant again. I'm sure she's truly contented.

Well, when are you off to New York, New York? As long as you remember to wear the suit every day I'm happy.

Hope all goes well with you,

Love, Hazel xx

Nancy Wilkinson (née Fishley) and Harold Wilkinson are old friends of Rob and Hazel's. Mary was Nancy's sister, who published her own book of photographs; she was Anita's mother and Georgia's step-grandmother; Mary died of non-Hodgkinson's Lymphoma before Nancy. Nancy, who died from mesothelioma in 2002, describes the purchase of the suit with Hazel in her letter to the children, here.

This is the last letter of Hazel's I have, written less than four months before her death.

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