Hazel to Joan Marks on June 17, 1990

Found among Joan’s papers after she went into a home in May 2000

6 Vincent St.,
NSW 2041,

17 June 1990

Dear Joan,

Many thanks for the completely unexpected presents for my birthday. They were a great surprise. I have read Sally Morgan’s My Place but it’s a classic and having your copy will enable me to pass the one I already have on to someone else like my sister Pat in England. It’s a revealing & moving story which I’m sure she’ll like. The other author I’m not familiar with and I look forward to nestling down with it one day soon.

I wrote to Ada today. Pat told me that she no longer wants to move. You may know that ever since Christmas she had her heart set on moving next door to Ivy’s place. Well, she’s apparently changed her mind & it’s not clear why. I’ll let you know when I hear more.

We bought Joshua his first pair of shoes yesterday. He was not at all pleased. He remained rooted to the spot as though he were wearing deep-see diving leaded bottomed boots. He absolutely refused to move which for someone who is normally so keen to be active must have been a superhuman sacrifice to signal his protest at this latest imposition. Perseverence won the day & I can now tell you that he has resigned himself to the inevitable. Insisting that he wear them for 24 hours without break (he missed his bath) seemed to do the trick.

I’m envious of Rob’s trips to Melbourne & Sorrento but it’s nice to hear all the news when he comes back. I’m looking forward to my next trip down there (whenever that might be). Till then all my love and thanks again.

Hazel XXX

Last Updated 12 June 2000