Hazel to Joan Foster on January 27, 1997

A letter sent to Joan (Hazel's sister), Ken (Joan's husband), Diane (Joan and Ken's daughter), and David (Diane's husband).

[27 Jan 1997]

Dear Joan, Ken, Diane & David,

We're here for a couple of weeks staying at the Marks beachhouse with Marks of all shapes and sizes. Snorkelling, snooker and long walks through the dunes and coastal bush. Many thanks for your presents. Both Zoë and Joshua wore their tops on Christmas Day -- they both think they're cool! (the ultimate complement). Mine looks great & matches a new waistcoat I bought myself & Rob's is a great fit but sadly he needs a collar to distinguish between his head and shoulders. Will write soon. All our love

Hazel, Rob, J & Z XXX

P.S. Great to hear you on the phone -- as you can see forgot to post postcard.

Last Updated 6 February 2001