Hazel to Joan Foster on August 8, 1996

A letter sent to Joan (Hazel's sister), Ken (Joan's husband), Diane (Joan and Ken's daughter), and David (Diane's husband).


Dear Joan and Ken, Diane and David,

A quick note before you change addresses on me. Thank you for all the photos. I've enjoyed watching your mansion grow and I love your natural stone walls -- it's quite a skill -- I would have enjoyed watching them do it. The house looks wonderful and I think the conservatory was a great idea. Sorry to hear about Ken's Mum -- is she still in hospital? Rob's mother also has Alzheimer's but she is otherwise quite well and manages at home with a couple of regular wekly visitors as well as Rob's sister and brother. Ada is still in hospital but sounds a lot stronger and less stressed. Pat's pushing ahead with the purchase of a place in Ivy's apartments -- the contract should be signed by the end of the month. You all seem to be on the move or making major changes over there. It's really quite a year for you all.

Congratulations on keeping up with all the decision making in the house. We decided that the reason our relationship survived building in Balmain was because I made all the decisions. The legacy is that I continue to change my mind even now about the design of the kitchen, access to the garden, shower in the downstairs toilet etc. Also, as soon as we moved into the house I was incapable of making any further decisions about the house for the next 10 years. Only recently have I started to do anything in the garden, hang pictures. We finally bought a decent mattress this week. The other one was easily 20 years old, with a few holes to prove it.

I have finished my treatment for the moment, but I continue to have infusions every month to try and stabilise my bones. I'm feeling pretty good and am relieved to have some respite from the toxic drug regime.

We haven't been to the Blue Mountains for a while because Rob has been working flat out but we are off this weekend and some friends are joining us up there. The question is, should we take the mattress of 20 years up there as a spare bed or should we dump it?

All our love, we are signing off -- this is our last communication to Hanson Road,

Hazel, Rob, J & Z

P.S. Thank you for the birthday card & terrific photo of you in glad rags.

The matress was taken up to the Blue Mountains; Hazel built flowerbeds and fountains in the courtyard and the back garden.

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