Hazel to Jasmina Ljuhar 13 May 1994

Dear Jasmine,

It was lovely to get your card -- I often think of you too. This is a view of Balmain I thought you'd enjoy just to prove that we do have a view of the Harbour Bridge even though we do have to buy a postcard to see it!

I've started my chemotherapy and apart from a little bit of overconfidence which could get me into trouble -- I had a minor altercation in the car after my first injection -- nothing a few hundred dollars' worth of panel beating won't sort out -- I'm fairly OK -- so far so good. Work has been very understanding as has everyone.

Great to hear from you,

All my love,

Hazel X

In fact the car was never repaired -- there was a long dent along the body under the doors. I finally sold it (a white Ford Laser sedan, that Hazel had bought at auction on our return from California in August 1993) in Autumn 2000.

Last Updated 22 August 2001