Hazel to Denise and Michael 2

Three undated postcards from Hazel to Denise and Michael Hutchinson.

Dear Michael,

Do you mean to tell me that you wrote this postcard, sent it to your friends in Karlsruhe & got them to post it to me. Well, it just arrived and I’m tickled pink. So I’m sending you this postcard just to prove that we still have a view of the Harbour Bridge.

Thanks so much I’m really chuffed. All our love,

Hazel Rob J & Z

Hi to Denise, H & D.

Dear Michael & Denise, H & D,

Just to prove that Balmain has a view of the Harbour Bridge even though some of us have to buy a postcard to see it. (I may have said this in my postcard to Sandy so please don’t compare notes.) Am enclosing the book & Rob tells me that there is another one, he thinks, so let us know — Rob will be only too delighted to track it down. Also am enclosing some notelets from an old music shop in Mendocino, North California. Seeing you both was great (the waiters weren’t bad either). Try not to work too much, Michael. I’m about to organise singing lessons. How about you?)

All our love,

Hazel & Rob J & Z XX


[early 1996]

Dear Denise, Michael, Henry & David,

My mother’s 80th was a huge success in a hotel deep in the New Forest. She took it all in her merry stride as the numbers swelled from 3 to 12. I am now touring the countryside with Pat seeing family & friends. It’s great fun. They laugh an awful lot here. About anything and everything. Or maybe it’s just my family! Pat sends her love,

All our love

Hazel & Pat

(written in car somewhere east of Lyme Regis)

Last Updated 4 June 2000