Hazel to Bruce, her accountant, on July 1, 1993

The second of a batch of eleven letters taken from Hazel's laptop.

2189 Sharon Road
Menlo Park
California 94025

1 July 1993

Dear Bruce,

I am finally sending you the long promised Navajo Indian belt buckle. I really hope you like it. We bought it on our trip to New Mexico via Arizona back in March. I should have sent it to you then. Instead I put it to one side with the best of intentions proposing to send it off when the dust settled after our trip but that dust kept reappearing -- nothing really settles these days except perhaps fat and taxes (who said that?). Well, I look foward to seeing you in it if you can figure out how to fix it to your belt. A cowboy hat, cowboy boots and rhinestone denim jacket would set it off nicely -- maybe the western clothing section of David Jones could kit you out. Thank you for all your help with tax etc. We are all well. Rob has managed to attend a conference in Greece right now with a stopover in the UK on the way back. He arrives back tomorrow. My sister arrives in a couple of weeks for her second stay here before we head back to Australia -- none of my relatives can bear the thought of the trip out to Australia so they have been catching up with us here. I hope you and your family have been keeping well and that private enterprise still suits. We return at the end of August just in time to worry about the next round of tax! Take care.

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