Hazel to Andy & Alison on August 23, 1994

A brief letter to Andy Marks & Alison Wilby.

23 August 94

Dear Andy & Alison,

Just a quick note to send these photos which I just came across from last year. Hope you are both well.

We're about to lose our Au Pair -- oh, misery -- but my sister is coming for a month in October and my mother is coming for Christmas. Rob just heard that he got his promotion -- relief all round -- so we are having a slap-up meal tonight at a very fancy restaurant.

All our love,

Hazel, Rob, J & Z

Ada was daunted by the flight on her own, so did not visit at Christmas 1994, instead coming with Pat three years later. Our au pair, Kersten, returned to Austria that December. I had been trying for the promotion for over four years, and had been very disappointed in 1993 when lack of support (and lack of proper information) from Fred Hilmer had spiked the promotion. The restaurant was Tetsuya's, where Hazel had managed to get a cancellation that night. In 1994 it was still in Rozelle, in walking distance from 6 Vincent Street, with a six-week waiting list for evening meals.

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