Hazel to Ada Church on July 16, 1993

The fifth of a batch of eleven letters taken from Hazel's laptop.

2189 Sharon Road
Menlo Park
California 94025

16 July 1993

Dear Maw,

Just a short note to thank you for your letter and to ask you why your legs swelled. Nell, who is 81, wrote from Australia to say that her legs had swollen and the local doctor suspected a blood clot but the surgeon, after examining her leg with the ultrasound, found that it was a perforated vein She has since been wearing a surgical stocking. What did they say was the problem in your case?

I wondered also whether when you wrote to Joan you had mentioned Alzheimer's to her. It hasn't been officially diagnosed and Joan hasn't discussed it or acknowledged it. Rob's family has been aware of the deterioration for some time and Rob's brother discussed her symptoms with his own doctor who diagnosed Alzheimer's. So it would be better to be discrete and not mention it to Joan at this stage.

Your references to Wimbledon are about the only exposure I had to the game. Many here are avid Wimbledon watchers and there is a tradition here to hold Wimbledon breakfasts while watching it live on the TV early in the morning. In fact Rob tuned in on several occasions including the men's finals. I prefer sleep these days.

We are all looking forward to Pat's arrival next week. I'm glad you're getting about so much -- have cards will travel. Bye for now

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