10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998

Dear Rob, Woolwich, 6.1.99

A few lines about your dear Hazel
for JOSH & ZOË’s book,
with best wishes from Robyn Gray.

It’s on a cup* because
I regard Hazel as very
"English" and a cup of
tea sits well with my
image of her. Hazel and I
met through work in 1984 —
first at the Royal
Commission inquiry into
the disastrous Nugan Hand
Bank and then at the National
Crime Authority.
In both agencies, Hazel
worked as member of a team,
with police, accountants, analysts
and, of course, other lawyers.
Hazel was a fondly regarded
colleague (amongst all).
This was because she
worked hard, had a dry
wit, a serene temperament
and never a harsh
or nasty word to
say in the most
trying of circumstances. I
always was a bit in awe of her
intellect — she wrote exceptionally well,
and very admiring of her complete
absence of regard for personal
advancement, fashion or the (then)
prevailing wisdom.

Robyn was a friend and colleague of Hazel’s.

* The memoir was written on a cup-shaped card, as I've tried to show by its form.

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