10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998

Dear Rob, Josh, Zoë, Pat and others,

We are very relieved that Hazel is no longer in pain — it is a cruel way to die so young. I regret not getting out to see you all in healthier times, I’ve included a watercolour print of a view a couple of miles from us in S-West Scotland & hope you can visit one day.

Hazel was in my class at school for several years and partnered me in school tennis. She was very talented but had a great sense of fun also. She had beautiful hair of which I can remember being envious as mine is the short, dark, curling variety! For the last two years of school, when my dad retired from head of a small secondary school in Somerset, I lived in the same village (Winscombe) and could walk to Hazel’s house and got to know Pat a little too. The tennis courts there have now become houses & new courts are now on the edge of the village near football etc. After Hazel left for Southampton we only had "Xmas card" contact but always knew what our lives were up to.

My 50th birthday is Nov 26th — I was the baby in the year. I hope Judy can come up & I shall have a big party & a ceilidh band & drink to Hazel. These awful things teach one to live in the present & not to plan far ahead. We take our health for granted and our false idea of immortality. You must all learn to have fun again and live life to the full.

The photo is the most recent picture, Morwenna aged 17 painted this summer to enter in a Scottish competition. It sort of summed up not only a bit of our nearby coast but "the light at the end of the tunnel" & you certainly deserve some light!

We have decided to give £250 to Willem Hospice near John’s head office near Milton Keynes (he runs Newport Technology Group — electronics) one of his workforce is there & another £250 to the Alexandra Unit in Dumfries Hospital near us in Scotland. Taxwise these amounts will be worth a third more because of qualifying as Gift Aid. We hope you feel these are worthy causes.

We all wish you the very best in the next chapter in your lives.

John & Norah & Annie & Mo

Norah was a friend of Hazel’s.

Last Updated 20 September 1999