10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
My Dears, Zoë, Josh & Rob,

We are all going to miss her very much, Hazel, my dear friend of many years, always so kind, caring and generous to me in many ways.

Hazel once took me to Norman Lindsay’s place at Springwood, & bought me a print of his "Cats" drawing, which I treasure. Trips to the theatre to see Oscar Wilde plays, a visit to Mt. Tomah, Roseville Chase, & many many more. The last outing with Hazel was lunch at The Pasadena at Church Point, & I have snaps taken that day. Hazel was a very clever & talented lady, & her painting of poppies she did for me is a favourite picture. So, we will keep her in our hearts & always remember with love.

Look after Dad, Zoë & Josh, & be good.

With lots of love from Nell.

Do keep in touch.

Nell was an old friend of Hazel’s in her eighties. Nell died in her early ninties on 20th November, 2002.

Last Updated 1 February 2003