10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
Subject: condolences
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 17:36:32 +1000

Dear Robert,

I am writing to offer you and your family my sincere condolences. Hazel was a unique and very special person and it was always a pleasure to see her and to have the opportunity to discuss books, life and sometimes medicine! She always seemed so strong and had this amazing inner strength that one rarely sees. I feel that I got to know her very well over the years and as I write this I can picture her ready smile and infectious laughter. She was always so positive and able to cope despite the many obstacles that she faced. I am sure that you will get many people writing telling you how much Hazel meant to them and you can include me in the list of her many admirers. I am only sorry that I could not have done more to help. Please keep in touch and come around for a chat sometime in the future.

regards, Michael

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 07:11:15 +1000

Dear Bob,

Thanks for including me on your email today. I often think of Hazel and it was only last week that I was talking with the nurses in ODC and saying how much I missed my conversations with her.

I wish you and your chidren all the best for the future.

Regards, Michael

South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service

Michael was Hazel’s oncologist.

Last Updated 15 September 1999