10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
date:	 2 March 2013 12:29
subject:	 Hazel

Dear Bob,

Over the years, Hazel has come into my mind very often. Today I went to the internet, saw an image of her and was astounded to find she died many years ago. I have many pleasant memories of Hazel, a uniformly kind and generous person, with a delightful tinkling laugh.

I knew Hazel in Canberra in the 70's. Though I did go to see her in Sydney once, we eventually lost touch. My brother Ken met her only once but always asked me how she was -- he had a crush on her for a long time but did not think himself worthy of approaching her on even the level of friendship. Oh boy, getting your email has brought tears to my eyes. I cannot remember how I met Hazel but there are many times I recall being in her company. I remember her expressing concern to me about what I would do with myself when I left the Canberra School of Art in 1976. I was chronically ill in those days, being an undiagnosed coeliac. None of us knew why I always seemed so below par -- and Hazel often expressed concern. I can remember going to see her in Sydney and how we laughed and laughed -- about what I do not recall. Hazel was so light and airy and easy to be around. I used to call around to the home she shared with a fellow called David Wilson quite often. Of course, I am not all that good at remembering detail anymore. What I remember of Hazel is that she was a really lovely person who I recalled many times over the years and with whom I often felt I would like to have a conversation. It seems so wrong that, of all people, Hazel was to die so young. Such a lovely person. Of course, you may have permission to use my reminiscences -- such as they are. I suppose I ought to mention that, in the days I knew Hazel, my name was Carol Waring. In 1979 I changed to Laura and then in 1997 I married and became Laura Phillips. Regards, Laura Phillips

Carol/Laura was a friend of Hazel's in Canberra.

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