10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998

Subject:  Hazel
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:46:43 +1000
One of my fondest memories of Hazel was the times that we all spent at Maranoa gardens in Balwyn. Our visits to these gardens always occurred immediately after Christmas day when we all had so much to talk about. This was due to the fact that we probably had not seen each other for the past six months or longer. They were always lazy days after the hectic pace of the Christmas festivities and it was great to relax and to talk; and this is what Hazel did so well .... just talk and become involved in all our worlds and the complexities of each individual. I so much enjoyed lying on the grass and catching up on all that had been happening in Hazel’s life and that of her family. I always felt that I could share anything with her and that she would give me her honest opinion on the topic at hand.

While we were talking Josh and Zoë would be asking for an ice cream or something along these lines or playing with Thomas or Anna or asking Sue about some problem. Joan even came to one of these walks and this was good for she did appear to have a good time especially with her grandchildren. I guess it was the ease and the sense of peace that accompanied Hazel on these outings that I will remember most. I will never forget her smile and sense of humour and her seeming distain for the concept of time. To Hazel all things happen in time, you didn’t need to put a specific time frame around events, like our visits to these gardens. We usually ended our time at the gardens late; and then we would return to our house for a late dinner. These were so happy times and the summer days at this stage of our lives did appear to be endless.

Though Hazel is no longer with us, my fond memories of her are endless. She did enrich my life and her spirit of enthusiasm and her zest for all that was good in life made her such a special person.

Robert, Josh and Zoë, Hazel is gone in the physical sense and that in itself is so hard to bear, but you and I and all who knew Hazel were very priviledged to know her. She cast a very unique kind of magic about her and the dust of her personality has surely been sprinkled upon Josh and Zoë and these two will inherit all that was so special about Hazel. Robert, I guess that to love always ends up in pain and suffering; it’s just that this has occurred about 30 years too early. There is no pattern to this and you, Robert, have my complete admiration in the way you have gone about preparing and then facing Hazel’s death. You have been brave and the care for all of your family is a real inspiration to us all. Look after your family and care for yourself; you are now their world. Hazel will live on in all our minds and especially in the minds of the three of you; she was all all respects such a unique and special person.

Lots of love


Jono is my first cousin.

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