10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998

Dear Josh & Zoë,

I remember when you were little & I would meet you & your mum in the park while I was walking my dogs.

Sometimes you would behave like all little boys, Josh, and you would be a bit naughty & rough with your sister, & your mother would speak to you in such a lovely way, very gently. I always thought of her as a very gentle lady, with a sweet voice and a twinkle in her eye.

I would see her striding off to pick you up from school (she had a great slim figure, didn’t she? — a Princess Diana type of lady) & she walked quickly & she would give me a lovely smile & a greeting when I waved to her. Hazel was always very happy.

She wanted very much to start a little garden at the back of your house. I hope it grew well.

I will always remember Hazel. I saw her the Saturday night before she died, & I have never seen anyone so exquisitely beautiful. She really looked like an angel with her fine features, & her pale perfect skin, & the fair cropped hair like a halo round her lovely face.

My mother died twenty years ago, & I still remember her, & sometimes I sit & have a little think about her, because I know the love she had for me will always be with me as the love of your mother will always be with you.


Joan was a neighbour of ours. The night before Hazel died, as Joan remembers above (I remember Sunday), she brought around a bunch of daphne in flower for Hazel, picked at Joan and Peter's mountain house in Leura. These flowers were placed on Hazel's body after she died, and infused the front room of 6 Vincent Street, where Hazel was laid out on Monday night, with their sweet scent.

On August 6th, 2001, Joan brought around another bunch of flowering daphne, with a note:

Dear Family,

Daphne will always be memories of beautiful Hazel,


Joan Cairis.

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Last Updated 6 August 2001