10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
Sept 1998.

Dear Bob,

This is a note from Jenni Michelson (a friend of Robert & Nancy Kohn.)

I met you many years ago & thought you were wonderful. Then I met Hazel & we had a meal in Leichhardt & I thought she was fabulous. Then I saw you & the kids at Rachel Forster* and the kids were so special.

You were in total shock. I will never forget that day. Never. Hazel has managed to hold onto life and give you and the kids powerful family time together. The pain will be there always, but I wish you strength to treasure Hazel and give your 2 precious treasures all the values & experiences you’d planned together.

What can I say?

May you find strength.


Jenni was an acquaintance of ours.

* In April 1994 Hazel went to Rachel Forster Hospital for the mastectomy that followed first diagnosis of the cancer. It was a Stage IIIA tumour.

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