10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998

Thinking of Hazel I’m taken back to a picturesque landscape in the Blue Mountains where gum trees and cliff faces engulfed the valley below. Josh, Zoë, Hazel, Mum and I stood at Echo Point inhaling the crisp mountain air and taking in the spectacular view. Hazel had an obvious love for bushwalking and her outgoing personality nurtured this passion for nature. As far as I could ever see, Hazel always approached both physical and emotional challenges with enthusiasm and an amazingly positive perspective. She loved to go bushwalking with her family in the area of the Blue Mountains near to their holiday home. Having seen Josh and Zoë’s determination to keep up with their mother while hiking, and their ability to walk the full distance has made it clear to me that the determination and persistance I could always see in Hazel has been passed down, and is now shining through in her two children: Joshua and Zoë. Throughout all that Hazel has been through in her battle against cancer she has always remained happy and able to see the brighter side of life. Hazel will always be remembered to me as a cheerful and caring aunt, for whom family was always the top priority.

— Chloë

Chloë was Hazel’s and my niece.

Last Updated 19 September 1999