10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998


Dear Robert,

Hazel enters my mind — often lately — always I visualise her first about 3 years ago, in your mother’s kitchen in Sorrento — chopping up fruit — looking radiant, toned, beautiful, strong, happy, balanced —

"Why that particular lively full life?" when so many unhappy, sick creatures just waiting to depart from this tough earth — (I cannot help asking!).

But Hazel was a spirit who had made this world, this earth — her home, she was confident in it, happy, she was a success in the world and in her personal life — a wonderful mother — warm, talented, stable, a generous loving and loved friend, had a wonderful husband — she seemed to have it all ... Perhaps it is true that God calls the ones he loves early —

Your faxes, Robert, are a beautiful moving document of love, in itself a memorial for Hazel — "a document of love." I shall bind them in red silk —

Love to you, Josh and Zoë — thinking of you,

with love,


Charlotte was a friend of Hazel’s.

Last Updated 19 September 1999