10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998
Some Fond Memories of Hazel

Neither of us can claim to have been close friends of Hazel’s, but nor do we consider ourselves just acquaintances. While we did not interact frequently with Hazel, all of our interactions were warm and open, much more than acquaintances and that is perhaps one of the things we remember most about Hazel - she was a warm, open and vivacious person.

The word "bubbly" comes to mind when we think of Hazel. Even after her illness had hit, she was able to share a laugh and a joke, not in a loud sort of way, but in that bubbly and warm sort of way that we remember so fondly.

As we recall, the last time we saw Hazel was at a get-together at Bob and Sally’s rented place at Coogee. We had a good laugh about some new pretty "elfin-style" shoes that Hazel had bought and, after a few drinks, we had a bit of fun comparing our "shoe fashions". It seemed kind of funny, and we can’t really recall how the whole thing started. Hazel was rather pale but in good spirits.

It’s not a bad way to remember her, really. She was very much Hazel that evening: humorous in her dry sort of way, quick with a comment and "come back", and enjoying conversation and the people around her.

Hazel was a lovely person. We are glad we knew her. We have lost a friend and feel sadness that you all have lost much more, a wife, life partner and mother.

Boris and Nina
24 September, 1998

Boris & Nina were friends of Hazel’s and mine.

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