10 May 1948 – 14 September 1998

Subject: Hazel's pages
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 15:54:10 +1000

I do not know what to say about Hazel because i was astonished to see my name included in her list a wonderful women cut short with everything going for her just going for it (no spelling or punctuation). We went together, wendy and i (bill inkpen), and still live in the same house but yes Hazel touched us as i have had a few grogs which Hazel did too as i am sure you are aware i had no idea that you had set up this site and you must still miss her i only knew Hazel through the other guy the name escapes me (dave something) but i must tell you the last time i saw Hazel i was driving down george street pulled up at the lights and she said as we recognised each other winding down windows me in a citroen what a giveaway come over i regret that i never did because i never found time to be with somebody who knew about time i just wasn't aware what that coincidence meant a wonderful open women my regrets for never going but how could i have known that that was the last time i would see her? How insignificant in time yet how memorable to me well, bob, Hazel lives in our memories and that is something that cannot be taken away.

bill and wendy inkpen

Bill and Wendy were friends of Hazel's in Canberra.

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