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A letter from Hazel, May, 1988

The following is a letter Hazel wrote to Joan Marks nine days after her fortieth birthday.

6 Vincent St,
NSW 2041

21 May 1988

Dear Joan,

Many, many many thanks for the record voucher. It came as a complete surprise. I had, as Rob would know, been trying to settle on a Nina Simone tape to buy and hadn't been able to make up my mind. So I ended up buying a much briefer Huey Lewis dancing tape (I'm sometimes known to dance around the house in gay abandon provided the right foot-tapping music is on & provided there are no spectators or even animals which might howl in distress) so I can now luxuriate and ponder about all the other tapes I covet but have so far denied myself.

Rob bought the tape of the music for the new drama/comedy on the ABC called Stringer. The script is dreadful but I love the music.

I have just written to Ada. My sister Pat wrote recently to say how much she (my mother) enjoyed Australia, and how it seems to have done her a great deal of good. It must be a relief to travel to the other side of the world and find you can still get those staples of life -- mashed potato, cabbage and Guinness!

We went to a little bistro above a pub in the city on my birthday -- Rob, Bob, Pam and I. (Pam from Christmas day.) It was a good night. The pub is located directly opposite the city's best known brothel but the clientele didn't obviously reflect this. Anyway the food was marvellous. Rob gave me a Jean Patou set of perfumes which I'm really enjoying. I'm glad I've neglected my sense of smell in the past -- I really intend to enjoy it in my old age!

Thanks again, Joan, I hope you are fully recovered from your sinus trouble. One of these days I'll come and see you in Melbourne again,

All my love,

Hazel XX

Please feel free to email me, Robert.

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