10 May 1948 - 14 September 1998

Taken before Zoë’s fourth birthday party in December, 1994.

“But what the wisdom of the ages says is that we do not do well to grieve on and on. And those old ones knew a thing or two and had some truth to tell, Inman said, for you can grieve your heart out and in the end you are still where you were. All your grief hasn’t changed a thing. What you have lost will not be returned to you. It will always be lost. You’re left only with your scars to mark the void. All you can choose to do is go on or not. But if you go on, it’s knowing you carry your scars with you.”

— Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain, 1997, penultimate chapter.

The following pages are devoted to the memory of Hazel, loving partner of Robert, and doting mother of Joshua and Zoë. The pages will take some time to fill up, so bear with me. In the meantime, the pages covering Hazel’s funeral are complete, containing the full text of the spoken and read words, as well as sound files of the choir singing, of Robert reading a poem. and of the Reverend Lambert Carter reading a letter written by a deceased parishioner of his to her husband. I plan to include the following:

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