Robert's Sixtieths

Robert had two sixtieth birthday parties, one at the mountain house at Dargan, in the Blue Mountains, and one at "Burntwood," Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Those who celebrated at Sorrento on June 25, 2006, were:

Robert, son, Zoë, Andy, Alison, Caitlin Marks, Judy and Tony Smith, Great Aunt Jane Hayman, Luke Smith, Chloë Smith, Laura Smith, Jono and Sue Hayman, Anne and Ben Girst, Mike Richards and Wendy Wilmoth, Ian and Di Renard, Bruce Hartnett, Peter Nicholson, John Price and Cathy Lowy and Ferry and Joli, Jenny Doubell.

Apologies from: Chris Ryan and Barb Hammond, Jim and Emmanuella Goding, Amy and Chris and Molly Scholten-Smith, Anna and Adam and Aidan Wild, Thomas Hayman, Louise Einfeld, Erika Cloes, Mary Nicholson, Sid and Felicity Bloch, Carol McCormack, Robin Stonecash.

Andy's speech is here.

Judy's speech is here.

The first party was on April 30th.

[Fox Peter Zoe Di Sue, 400k bytes]
Fox, Peter, Zoë, Di, Sue

[cake, 400k bytes]
The cake -- thanks, Judy!

[Ferry, Joli, Zoe, 400k bytes]
Ferry, Joli, Zoë, son

[Tony etc, 400k bytes]
Tony, John, Peter, Wendy, Ben, Fox, Cathy, Di

[family, 400k bytes]
Luke, Laura, Chloë, Great Aunt Jane, Judy

[Cathy et al, 400k bytes]
Cathy, John, Caitlin, Ferry, Jenny, son, Andy, Mike

[Wendy et al, 400k bytes]
Wendy, Rob, Anne, Caitlin, Alison, Cathy, Andy, Jenny

[Jono et al, 400k bytes]
Jono, Bruce, Laura, Chloë, Great Aunt Jane

[Rob et al, 400k bytes]
Rob, Joli, John, Ferry, Sue

Last Updated 29 June 2006