Robert's Sixtieths

Robert had two sixtieth birthday parties, one at the mountain house at Dargan, in the Blue Mountains, and one at "Burntwood," Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Those who celebrated in the Blue Mountains on April 30, 2006, were:

Robert, son, Zoë, Henri and Mary Anne Szeps, Owen and Intan Young, Ken and Sharon Todd-Miller, Ian and Louise Wilkinson, Peter Ellis, Pam Taylor, Lindsay Harris, Chris and Ross Anderson, Chris and Wendy Adam, Damian Grace, Maria Pernetta and Ross Hutcherson, Alex and Hilary Whitworth, Graham Pike, Jenny and Ralph Doubell, Trevor and Anne Carr, Paul and Susanne Andrews, Denise and Michael and Henry Hutchinson, Robert and Nancy Kohn and Nancy's mother, Ricky and Michael Davis, Bob and Sally and Jack and Daisy Wood, Ron Lyon, John and Sue and Ben and Rachel Kalman, and Patrick Flanagan.

Apologies from: Penny Spence, Christine Logan, Chongwoo and He Hoe, John Mathews and Linda Weiss, Lex and June Donaldson, Dedee Woodside, Ruth and Leslie Burnett, Paul Martin and Miriam Verbeek, Ellin Krinsley and Arie van Duijn, Sue Bullock and Jeff Leis, Carol McCormack, Tony Lawrance and Mrs Lawrance, Maureen and John Stack, Louise O'Brien, Harold Wilkinson and Margaret Moreton, Robin Stonecash, Jenyne Hanson and Olivier, Kate Rose, Jan Reid, Bernadette Grace, Ian and Lorine Marsh, Benoît Julien, David Hutchinson, and Annette Flanagan.

The second party will be on June 25th.

[Robert and cake, 400k bytes]
Robert after blowing and cutting.

[Robert and cake, 400k bytes]
Robert, Ross and Chris Anderson.

Last Updated 28 May 2006