Robert Marks' editorials in the Australian Journal of Management

I was the General Editor of The Australian Journal of Management for thirteen years, to mid-2010. Following the practice of my predecessor, John Roberts, I took to introducing each issue with an editorial. At first, I limited myself to summarising the papers in the issue, perhaps with a short "housekeeping" section on changes in the personnel at the Journal, but later I began to indulge myself, with short essays on issues that caught my fancy. When the subprime mortgage financial collapse occurred, my editorials lengthened to include a growing timeline of the events, which has since been published in the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, here.

The Journal was already being published on-line as well as in hard copy, and early on we had decided to place the papers on-line in PDF files, to capture the tables and algebra that would otherwise have been very difficult if not (then) impossible to reproduce in HTML. But, perhaps because the editorials avoided algebra and (mostly) tables, they were published in HTML, until later years, when they too appeared in PDF form.

  1. "Risk and Information -- Timely Topics," Volume 22, Number 2, December 1997 here.
  2. "Prices and Values," Volume 23, Number 1, June 1998 here.
  3. "In Search of Efficiency," Volume 23, Number 2, December 1998 here.
  4. "Globalisation, Competition, and Financial Instruments," Volume 24, Number 1, June 1999 here.
  5. "Prices, Options and Capacities," Volume 24, Number 2, December 1999 here.
  6. "New Products, New Firms, and Prices," Volume 25, Number 1, June 2000 here.
  7. "Globalisation is at Risk," Volume 25, Number 3, December 2000 here.
  8. "Another Door Opens," Volume 26, Number 1, June 2001 here.
  9. "The Anti-Terrorist's Dilemma," Volume 26, Number 2, December 2001 here.
  10. "Simulating Economics," Volume 27, Number 1, June 2002 here.
  11. "Corporate Governance or Where Does Ownership Lie?" Volume 27, Number 2, December 2002 here.
  12. "Models Rule," Volume 28, Number 1, June 2003 here.
  13. "Pencils and Managers," Volume 28, Number 3, December 2003 here.
  14. "The State of the Journal" Volume 29, Number 1, 2004 here.
  15. "Learning, Risk, and Diversity," Volume 29, Number 2, December 2004 here.
  16. "Organisational Behaviour, Finance, and Economics," Volume 30, Number 1, June 2005 here.
  17. "A New Tool for Scholars," Volume 30, Number 2, December 2005 here.
  18. "The Threesome: TLA, BCP, and AFP," Volume 31, Number 1, June 2006 here.
    See also:
    • "Avian influenza pandemic," AGSM Magazine, 2005, Issue 3. here.
    • "Pandemic planning makes sense," Australian Financial Review, 17 Jan 2006, p.47.
    • "BCP for AFP." AGSM Magazine, 2006, Issue 1. here.
  19. "There's No Such Thing As Free Lunch," Volume 31, Number 2, December 2006 here.
    See also:
    • "Milton Friedman," AGSM Magazine, 2006, Issue 2. here.
  20. "Playing With Qantas," Volume 32, Number 1, June 2007 here.
    See also:
    • "Playing for time's a dangerous game," Australian Financial Review, 8 May 2007, p.63.
  21. "The Old Order Changeth," Volume 32, Number 2, December 2007 here.
  22. "The Subprime Mortgage Meltdown," Volume 33, Number 1, June 2008 here.
  23. "The Dominoes Fall: A Timeline of the Squeeze and Crash ..." Volume 33, Number 2, December 2008 here.
  24. "Anatomy of a Credit Crisis," Volume 34, Number 1, June 2009 here.
    • The three preceding editorials present versions of a timeline of the Global Financial Crisis. For an updated version of this, go to here.
      It has been published as "Learning Lessons? The Global Financial Crisis Five Years On," in the Journal & Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 2013. Here.
  25. "Welcome to SAGE Publications," Volume 35, Number 1, April 2010 here.
  26. "A Final Farewell," Volume 35, Number 2, August 2010 here.

In 2000 and 2003 the second issues of the volume were guest-edited special issues. There was only one issue in 2009.