AGSM Economics:
Recent Working Papers

THE Economics Cluster, although small, continues to publish Working Papers.

Recent working papers include:

  • Lawrance A.B., Marks R.E. (2000) Duration analysis in the Australian coal industry, AGSM Working Paper 00-008, April.

  • Kong X., Marks R.E. (1999) Enterprise institutional reform and productive performance in Chinese state-owned enterprises 1990-1994, AGSM Working Paper 999-003 (April).

  • Marks R.E., Midgley D.F., Cooper L.G. (1998) Refining the breeding of hybrid strategies, AGSM Working Paper 98-017 (December),

  • Marks R.E. (1998) Competition and common property, AGSM Working Paper 98-003, (February).

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Last Updated 3 May 2000