Dr. Zoë Marks

Zoë is passionate about translational medicine, immunology and cancer biology. She graduated from Ascham in 2008 and then moved to Melbourne for university. She completed her medical degree (MBBS Hons), bachelor of medical science (BMedSc) and PhD at Monash University. Zoë then undertook a clinical research fellowship in the biotech industry in Boston, USA, working on preclinical and early-stage clinical trial development of drugs targeting immunological diseases and ovarian cancer. She has worked as a junior doctor at Western Health in Melbourne and is currently working as a medical registrar at ACT Health in Canberra.

The paper, published in Nature last week, is the culmination of work started during Zoë's PhD at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, investigating the role of a unique protein of the innate immune system, interferon ε, in the development and spread of ovarian cancer and its potential as a novel immunotherapy for advanced high-grade serous ovarian cancer, an insidious disease with few therapeutic options.

The link to the full paper is here, at https://rdcu.be/djEmW
Please share this in any content so people can access it if they wish. She is first author.

Zoë Marks

21 August 2023

On 1 September 2023, the Nature paper was selected to be highlighted in the Editors' Choice section of Science Signaling, the weekly journal from the publisher of Science magazine. A link to the summary of the article is here, at https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/scisignal.adk4659

This is reported in the Hudson News (from the Hudson Institute, Monash), here