Foundation Day Concert, 1960

The Memorial Hall

Side 1: Handel -- Worthy Is The Lamb; G. Holst -- Lord Who Hast Made Us For Thine Own; Gershwin -- I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'; G&S -- When the Foeman Bares His Steel.

Side 2: J. Texidor -- Amparito Roca; B. Kéler -- Lustspiel Overture; Mendelssohn -- Piano Concerto No. 1, First movement, with Ian (Stork) Graham; Andantino and Allegro.

Side 3: Song of the Volga Boatmen; P. Bliss -- Mosquitoes; Miché Bainjo (Mr Banjo); A. Banchieri -- Animals Counterpoint (Contrappunto bestiale alla mente); A. Gabrielli -- Ricercare Tuono; M. Head -- Little Road to Bethlehem; T. Arne -- Under the Greenwood Tree; E. Dohnányi -- Rhapsody in C Major.

Side 4: G. Dodson -- The Fishermen of England; Vaughan Williams -- The Vagabond; M. Head -- Money O!; Forty Years On; College Song; Boating Song.

Download: Side 1 || Side 2 || Side 3 || Side 4

Sheet-music for Banchieri's Animals Counterpoint download here.